Mike Hartwick: Founder & CEO

Mike graduated from Dartmouth College in 2007 & received his MBA in International Finance while playing professional hockey overseas. Mike would train with heavy weights in the gym during hockey season, and run away to the beaches of California to enjoy daily surf sets when the season ended. Mike loved the way his body looked and felt after months of surfing, and he hated having to leave the ocean behind and lose all the conditioning that came from his surf sessions.


“I would quickly bulk up and lose the lean and toned physique that surfing gave me, no other workout could compare. Then it hit me. I’ll design a machine to mimic the workout that I got while surfing. It might not be as awesome as catching real waves, but it will keep me in peak physical condition and I will still see all of the benefits to my body. SURFSET Fitness was born."

“Surfing is the perfect workout. If you look at it scientifically, it gives you everything you need to get the lean athletic physique that people love. And besides that, its fun! Developing the workout routine for SURFSET Fitness has been amazing. The mix of strength training and cardio on the SURFSET® Board is exactly what you need to build lean muscle and burn fat without bulking up. The versatility and exercise progression will keep you motivated and on track as you keep seeing results.”

 Do you want to get involved? Inquire about career opportunities hey@surfsetfitness.com

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