The tour is well on its way as we have completed our 11th certification and dozens of demo classes. We stayed clear of Hurricane Sandy but ran into a few of our own traveling issues as we got two flat tires in less than 5 hours on our way to Miami! Long days extend into long nights as we are constantly dealing with some new aspect of the business. Always exciting and definitely makes for some awesome stories. 

We spent the past weekend at Crunch in South Beach and certified some soulful new trainers. Nice to see some surfers out riding the waves even though we couldn’t join them. From Miami we had 22 hours of driving to get to Austin where we got to bring the surf to a really cool gym, CG Arena Fitness. All demo classes were full and the sponsor bags were flying off the promotional table. In addition, Zico Coconut Water joined us and set up a table with swag and product for all class participants. Awesome turn out! 

We've been staying well-fueled with delicious meals at Qdoba. There is nothing better than a post-workout Naked Burrito to replenish carbs & protein, with added fiber from beans & grilled veggies. And we all agree the hand-smashed guac is addictive! We love how the calorie count & nutrient composition of every meal combination is so easily available on their site, makes life on the road A LOT healthier.

Now its onto Cali, can't wait to meet the first round of West Coast SURFSETTERs & get out into the ocean at last!

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