We rolled into Baltimore and crossed over the tracks to Under Armour Headquarters. The SURFSET Bus is holding up, with each day presenting a new challenge (Bill’s bed no longer wanting to slide out)! We set up our studio in the middle of their office on the basketball court. Sarah had 3 classes filled with the UA team: from accounting to marketing to event planning to sales. Probably one of the most athletic groups of people to ever take a SURFSET class at the same time. Sarah was constantly throwing challenges at them during almost every interval. But the true competitive nature came out when a free SURFSET shirt was offered up to whoever could hold crow position the longest, impressive!

 But it gets even better. After the class, the UA team made their way to the SURFSET lunch table, catered by Qdoba. With steak, chicken, beans, rice, gluten free salsa, sauces and guacamole, it provided the perfect post workout meal for all SURFSETTERs. Great workout followed by a great meal. Check out our Qdoba Healthy Meals Guide for info on the delicious "Food Made for People Who Love Food." It provides different caloric breakdowns of pre and post workout meals offered by Qdoba. The cards highlight the basic functions that eating before and after a workout provide, and suggested calorie amounts along with exact grams of fat, carbs and protein for each crafted meal. An awesome info card for healthy and active lifestyles.

 Trainer Certification tomorrow, & onto DC! Get on Board. 

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